A Digital Government Means Smart Solutions That Deliver Big Impact and Outstanding Customer Service
I will take the lead by investing in the first all-digital government, and reverse engineer every transaction from the taxpayer’s shoes. The entry point to Connecticut will be through its digital front door, a one-stop-shop for everything current and prospective citizens need from their government. We will be online, not in line. It won’t be done overnight, but let’s start today.
Gov. Ned Lamont
Governor Lamont
State of the State Address

User-Friendly Government. Less Hoops

CT Digital Service is leading a transformational change in state government. But change only works with vision. Ours is based on four core ideas:
Citizens deserve a compassionate, simple-to-use government that fulfills their needs. We’re delivering on this promise.
A ship without oars is just a canoe. We're rewriting the book on the critical skills needed to power government with a digital-minded workforce. (Pssst - wanna join?)
We're fast-tracking solutions that deliver immediate benefits with less cost. To do this, we have to shatter some old rules.
To improve the user experience, you need to look under the hood. Old technology can gobble up resources and stunt growth. That's why we're turbo-charging the engine.
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Our Guiding Principles

Listen to our users.
We seek to understand and prioritize the needs of our citizens, businesses and state employees.
Ensure services are accessible to all.
As stewards of the public’s trust and data, we follow best practices that ensure personal information is safe and services are accessible to everyone.
Grow a culture of collaboration.
We work across agencies so that together, we can deliver results that put our citizens first.
Move swiftly, and share what we learn.
We won’t reinvent the wheel. We improve services by building on what works and developing standards that can be put into practice across the state.
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